About me


My name is Marcin Kasperski.

I am a professional software developer living in Warsaw, Poland.

Contrary to what my BitBucket presence may suggest, professionally I develop mainly backend C++ code (business integration, data processing, databases, middlewares, and various backend services). Still, Python, Perl, and JavaScript also took noticeable part of my working life.

My obsession is understandability. Code is not worth much unless it is reasonably documented (so people can find out how to use it, and why should they do it in the first place), have clear architecture, and is readable (so it is possible to extend and maintain it).

Open source

I have been using open-source since the very beginning of my programming career. At home, I tried Linux during early Slackware days, switched my desktop permanently when Debian Hamm appeared, and never really looked back. Directly, or indirectly, I have been using hundreds (or maybe thousands) of open-source applications. And I am very grateful to all people and organizations who made it possible.

I mostly give back by promoting, educating, and supporting. I pride myself on introducing wide range of open-source tools to my organization, then to its clients (from Linux as such, CVS, GCC, GNU Make, Perl, TeX, or INN years ago, to Mercurial, Sphinx, or various libraries fairly recently).

The code I have been writing for living is closed-source. Here I publish some personal hobby projects written in spare time, to give back also some real working code.

Other webpages

mekk.waw.pl is main entry point of my internet presence.


Any bugs or suggestions related to the code I published here are best reported as BitBucket issues. Managing issues is much easier than handling email – I can process them in groups, I don’t lose or forget them, everyone interested can subscribe to the issue and follow it.

About anything else, send email to Marcin.Kasperski at mekk.waw.pl.